This package gives access to three color difference algorithms. These algorithms represent the hard work of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

Historically, each iterative algorithm has been used in print and textile industries to maintain consistency in machine calibration. These days, far more interesting use cases arise with media processing.

Use It


npm install --save delta-e


// Include library
var DeltaE = require('delta-e');

// Let's create two test LAB color objects to compare!
var color1 = {L: 36, A: 60, B: 41};
var color2 = {L: 100, A: 40, B: 90};

// 1976 formula
DeltaE.getDeltaE76(color1, color2);

// 1994 formula
DeltaE.getDeltaE94(color1, color2);

// 2000 formula
DeltaE.getDeltaE00(color1, color2);


bower install --save delta-e


// Include library
<script src="bower_components/delta-e/dist/"></script>

// Use it with DeltaE global